Virtual space on a real world map with elements of Social-Fi and Game-Fi
Real-World Metaverse
The development team consists of engineers with more than 10 years of experience in the development of location-based apps, cartography, augmented reality and Al

We have been developing our own location-based platform for several years - METAFORA Platform
AR Platform
AR Platform
The use of Web3 technologies for connecting people by interests in reality and joint exploration of the world
When you move in the real world, your avatar moves around the map in the metaverse

Interact with other users and virtual objects on the map

Take part in activities and games in augmented reality
Trace app
Trace app
and Wallet
The marketplace and wallet built into the application allow you to buy and sell NFT on the secondary market
Use any means of transport spending energy. Energy is restored in time
Overcome a certain distance and get ACE tokens
0 1
Choose your NFT CAR from the released NFT collection of TRACE cars
Upgrade your NFT CAR - buy parts, improve parameters and characteristics, raising the level to earn more
Pre-seed round investment

Pre-sale of NFT Containers
Location-based platform development
TRC token pre-sale

Alpha release of TRACE 1.0
Q1 2023
Q3 2023
IDO of TRC token on tier-2 exchanges

TRACE 1.1 update
release of Drive-and-Earn mechanics
Q1 2024
Q4 2022
Q3 2022
White paper writing

Team gathering
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Q3 2024
Metaverse Estates launch
Launch of Explore-and-Earn mechanics
Launch of Find-and-Earn
Launch of Play-and-Earn
CEO, Founder
More than 13 years of business experience
Bogdan Evtushenko
CPO, More than 14 years of experience in mobile development
Dmitry Korostelev
Cryptocurrency analyst,
More than 5 years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency
Kirill Lev
How to buy TRACE NFT?
Create a Tonkeeper wallet, buy the required amount of TON (at least 81 TON) and wait for the start of the sale in the telegram channel -
What can you get with our NFTs?
Access to the app and the closed community of holders
How to buy TON?
You can buy TON in the telegram bots @cryptobot and @wallet.
Our telegram channel has detailed instructions on
how to do this, link -
To have time to buy a car on the sale on July 12, on your
the wallet must be at least 81 TON
How do I get a Whitelist?
You can find out the conditions for obtaining a TRACE LIST here - (the post with the conditions will be released before the next presale)
When will the app be available?
The closed alpha version of the app will be available this summer, only for NFT TRACE holders
What should I do if don’t have a car?
You will be able to use your NFT CAR, using not only car, but also a taxi, bus, tram, scooter, bicycle, etc.
The main thing is to observe the speed limit of 10 km/h and higher.

What platforms will the app support?
iOS and Android
How does the app earn?
Commission and royalties from the sale of NFT tokens, in-game purchases,
partnerships with other tokens and NFT collections
How is the token supported?
ACE- utility-token. TRC - governance token
The main liquidity of the token will be generated due to in-game user interactions with game mechanics and the marketplace.

Any action: upgrade, mint and other functions in the game will be performed using the TRC token. The price range of funds spent by the user will be regulated by smart contracts to control the payback period.

The main profit is formed from the commissions charged by the project for user actions in the game and marketplace.

Token support will consist in reducing the issue by buying tokens from the market at the expense of commission income. There is also an influx of capital from outside when concluding affiliate partnerships with other projects, brands and integrating them into the TRACE game ecosystem.
Why are there no funds?
At this stage, we are developing at the expense of private investments, which allows us to be more flexible and fast, in the future we plan to attract funds.
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