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Upcoming NFT sale
NFT TRACE is the unique car that is the key to our app. Genesis NFTs, which will only be received by owners of the first 10.000 NFT Cars. NFT Cars gives you various privileges like bonuses, free drops, closed contests, etc.

Becoming the owner of NFT Car, you will join a huge community of like-minded people! In addition, you will get the opportunity to participate in closed draws and events.
A new AR metaverse on a real world map with elements of Social-Fi and Game-Fi

Real-World Metaverse

Powered by
NFT Cars

Drive-and-Earn season


We have been developing our own location-based platform for several years — METAFORA Platform
The development team consists of engineers with more than 10 years of experience in the development of location-based apps, cartography, augmented reality and Al

AR Platform

TRACE is a new Metaverse in a mobile app! АR technologies and geolocation will enable you to take a fresh look at the familiar world and plunge into real adventures, while various seasons and mechanics give the opportunity to earn money.

To make your avatar move around the virtual map, you need to move yourself in the real world. You will be able to interact with other users and virtual objects on the map. Take part in events and games in augmented reality.

AR Metaverse

Upgrade your NFT CAR: buy parts, improve parameters and characteristics, raising the level to earn more
Overcome a certain distance and get ACE tokens
Use any means of transport spending energy. Energy is restored in time
Choose your NFT CAR from the released NFT collection of TRACE cars

Trace app

TRACE tokens

Utility Token for in-game earnings and purchases, is not limited to the issue.
Governance Token with an issue of
trace token
trace token


Pre-seed round investment
Pre-sale of NFT Containers
Telegram wallet bot development
Сonducting of big TRACE quest
Location-based platform development
Creating NFT collection of 10000 cars
Trace app prototype development
Release of NFT pass
Creating of all smart-contracts
TRACE avatar release
Q1 2023
Q2 2023
TRC token pre-sale
Release of alpha TRACE 1.0

Q4 2023
Q3 2022
Whitepaper writing
Team gathering
Сommunity building
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Q2 2024
Launch of Play-and-Earn
Launch beta of Drive-and-Earn mechanics
IEO of TRC token
Public sale of NFT cars
Launch of Explore-and-Earn mechanics
Launch of Find-and-Earn mechanics
Creating NFT collection
of 10000 cars
Trace app prototype development
Release of NFT pass
Creating of all smart-contracts
TRACE avatar release


CEO, Founder
More than 13 years of business experience
CTO, Engineer, 10+ years of AI, AR, Geo App development
CPO, More than 14 years of experience in mobile development
CFO, Founder of an ed-tech startup, more than 5 years of working experience with influencers
Project manager
Bogdan Evtushenko
Alex Gavrilov
Dmitry Korostelev
Dmitry Fomin
Alex Kloki
Milana Alieva
Wayne Arustamian
Mary Aire


CMO & CGO Spacecaps Inc.
15+ years’ experience in hyper growth unicorn startups and new technology companies such as Uber, Deezer & Kavak.
Head Bybit of India
Software Engineer, Product management, Marketing Strategy & Business Development
Gui Monteiro
Abhyudoy Das
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